Fair EVA Projects

Interactive Multimedia to allow the public to examine voice biometrics, and what is at stake when they are deployed at scale.

Team: Michaela Pnacek (project owner), Anna Leschanowsky, Wiebke Hutiri
Status: complete

Bias Tests 4 Voice Technologies:
A python library for developers to evaluate bias in voice tech, in order to build fairer systems.

Team: Wiebke Hutiri (project owner), Anna Leschanowsky
Status: pip install bt4vt

Dataset Audit

A bias audit of publicly available datasets used for speaker recognition training and evaluation.

Team: Casandra Rusti (project owner), Carolyn Quinlan, Wiebke Hutiri
Status: complete

Fair Evaluation Guidelines

Guidelines for fair speaker verification evaluation datasets and practices.

Team: Lauriane Gorce (project owner), Wiebke Hutiri
Status: in progress

Knowledge Base

A catalogue of resources to investigate bias in voice biometrics.

Team: Wiebke Hutiri (project owner), Anna Leschanowsky, Casandra Rusti, Michaela Pnacek, Lauriane Gorce
Status: in progress