This is the team behind Fair EVA. We care about the responsible use of voice technologies, are invested in fair AI systems and are concerned about governance of personal information and data privacy.

Collectively, we have expertise in voice technologies, signal processing, speech science, data governance, film making and AI fairness. Intrigued? Then check out our open positions and join the team!

Anna Leschanowsky

I am a graduate research student assistant at Fraunhofer IIS and work on privacy in Conversational AI. I am developing the Fair EVA python library bt4vt & raise public awareness through interactive multimedia.

Casandra Rusti

I am an incoming Computer Science PhD at the University of Southern California (USC), focusing on fairness in machine learning. I lead the Technology Audit in Fair EVA.

Lauriane Gorce

I am a program manager at Open North, where we work on responsible and collaborative use of data & tech. I lead the Fair Evaluation Guidelines in Fair EVA.

Carolyn Quinlan

I am a Health Systems AI master’s candidate at the University of Toronto, where I research how to integrate bioethical values into algorithm design. I’m working on the Technology Audit in Fair EVA.

I am doing my PhD at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, where I study bias in voice-activated systems. I am the project lead of Fair EVA.

Michaela Pnacek